Weapon models

Weapon models can be obtained by unlocking them with the Clan pass.

AppearanceModel forNameBonus stat
modelAssault RifleE2 Parajumper+3% Fire Rate
modelMachine GunMaximus+1,5% Accuracy
modelShotgunGrand Master+2,15% Movement
modelSniper RifleGF 24+2,6% Fire Rate
modelSubmachine GunSM 50+2% Movement
modelAssault RifleIAR-21+3% Fire Rate
modelMachine GunPOLOVEC+1,5% Accuracy
modelShotgunPAS6+2,15% Movement
modelSniper RifleMX2020+2,6% Fire Rate
modelSubmachine GunCorvet+2% Movement
modelPistolsGLUCK18-C+1,1% Movement
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