Smooth's tier list


High health and the best combination of operator perks in the game allow Dutch to use virtually any weapon and any special combination extremely effectively.


Support is essential in todays META and Diana is the best at it. With the ability to support both via the air and ground in addition to being able to spot Charon, she's necessary on any competitive team. Oh, and she has 2 of the best Super Weapons in the game.


Versatile and extremely difficult to fully kill, Moses has some of the best survivability mechanics in the game. His ability to tank damage while giving it allows him to 2v1 in many cases against weaker compeition and almost always guarantees a kill 1v1 vs equally skilled players but he dies in the process. In the right hands he can be devastating and even in a casual players hands he can be highly effective. Additionally, his "Afterlife" (extra 5 seconds of health after lethal damage) makes his effective health pool by far the highest in the game. Lastly, in the right situations Moses' Stronghold Shield can be amazing but it requires skill and specific strategies to utilize effectively. The flash almost guarantees death to anyone in its path and is difficult to land but Moses need not even use it to be effective since his survivability is so high.


Arguably best in class as a sniper because of his 1v1 sniper superiority, Snek's speed and super allow him to be a solid second or third loadout that can play multiple roles.


Joe is the second most effective with the machine gun and serviceable with the SMG. In todays META where both of those weapons are needed in every team, he gets the nod for A-tier.


Charon is only effective in combination with his super weapon but can be very useful for stealing the bag or providing some surprise offence at key moments.


Fresh off a move up from C-tier, David can attribute this move to the SMS41 and a buff in the form of double RPGs. While the later is far less useful than the former, he is best in class with the SMS41 and the prototype weapons dominance on 2 maps in particular warrant the move.


Valera can use both the sniper rifle and machine gun with some effectiveness but his low health is a significant disadvantage against higher tier operators.


Zloy's super weapon is the worst among the epics but he has made a slight move up from D-tier mainly because of all the Charons in todays META. While his use is limited to bag grab and bag holding against Charons, it is a use nonetheless.


Syndrome is in an odd place in todays META. He has the highest health in the game while simultaneouly having the slowest health regeneration. Combined with the ineffectiveness of shotguns since their nerf and no other real skills, he's fallen from top tier into barely viable.


Capicse is situationlly useful at best. With his perks in the double roll and -% melee damage, he has a high survivabilty rate but can output very little damage.


Varg is a less effective version of Snek and while his excellent aim speed and run speed give him some versatility, it's hard to use him in any top tier teams because there are just better options in B-tier and above.

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