Grimlok's tier list


Dutch is by far the best operator in Tacticool due to his awesome passive values and decent hp pool. Dutch works exceptionally well with literally every weapon type in the game. In todays meta submachine gun and sniper are the two most often seen combos.


Diana is clearly the best support operator in the game. On control maps she's essential due to her awesome drones with frag granades and mines. On capture the bag, she can be very useful when her team wants to recover the bag from enemy. It doesn't really matter what gun she's using. Drones make her irreplaceable.


Snek falls behind into A tier due having a less universal role than Dutch. His passive (increased movement speed) and special (airstrike) make him the best bag-grabber in the game. He works really well with shotgun, but he's also a viable option in combination with sniper, especially in open maps like Village, Old Depot or Area 39.


Joe is the absolute king of rare operators. His passive makes him a very dangerous opponent in one on one situations. Very good with shotgun, assault rifle and machine gun.


In my opinion Charon is very situational, but when used by a good player, can wreck the enemy team from behind due to his cloak ability. Good with shotgun, machine gun or sniper rifle. Like Diana on capture the bag maps, he can be very useful in helping her team recover the bag from the enemy team.


Syndrome took big hit after latest balance update. He regenerates hp bit slower than the rest, but still, he's ok with submachine gun or shotgun.


Valera is Dutch’s little brother, his very good passive makes him a viable option.


Due to his large hp pool (the highest of all epic operators), I used to play him with shotgun, but now I feel like his passives give much less than other operators’ do.









GRIMLOK - 2020