Tier lists - operators, weapons and specials

Based on game version:


META - In the world of gaming, meta is used in two ways. Meta can be used as an acronym for “most effective tactics available,” and calling something “meta” means that it's an effective way to achieve the goal of the game, whether it's to beat other players or beat the game itself.

tierThe S tier is reserved for best operators/weapons/specials in the current META.

tierThese Operators/weapons/specials are all-round good choices.

tierOperators/weapons/specials in B Tier are currently on the middle ground of the META and you should feel completely confident playing them.

tierThe tier above the lowest, generally not the best but shows promise for a player who knows how to use it.

tierThe lowest tier on tacticool.site is the lowest performing, mentionable operators/weapons/specials of the current update.

GRIMLOK - 2020