Gas Grenade

This grenade will spread a poisonous cloud that hurts only the enemy team. Your teammates are safe.

Basic information

AppearanceBase statsDescriptionPrice
QuantityCooldown (s)Duration (s)Gas damage

Projectile, explodes and releases toxic gas.

140,000silver currency

Upgrade information

UpgradesLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Total
220,000silver currency
360,000silver currency
4240,000silver currency
5600,000silver currency
61,200,000silver currency
2,120,000silver currency
Cooldown (s)
22.515,000silver currency
2055,000silver currency
17.5210,000silver currency
15530,000silver currency
12.51,000,000silver currency
1,810,000silver currency
Duration (s)
13.210,000silver currency
14.450,000silver currency
15.6180,000silver currency
16.8460,000silver currency
18900,000silver currency
1,600,000silver currency
Gas damage
1330,000 silver currency
1470,000 silver currency
15300,000 silver currency
16740,000 silver currency
171,500,000 silver currency
2,640,000 silver currency
Total8,170,000 silver currency
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