An explosive material that can be placed/stuck onto anything. Damage and radius are big so watch out!

Basic information

AppearanceBase statsDescriptionPrice
Cooldown (s)Damage Radius (m)After Death Delay (s)

Plant and detonate highly explosive material manually.

50,000silver currency

Upgrade information

UpgradesLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Total
Cooldown (s)
12.720,000silver currency
11.560,000silver currency
9.2240,000silver currency
7600,000silver currency
4.71,200,000silver currency
2,120,000silver currency
Damage Radius (m)
7.230,000silver currency
7.970,000silver currency
8.6300,000silver currency
9.3740,000silver currency
101,500,000silver currency
2,640,000silver currency
After Death Delay (s)
2.315,000silver currency
1.955,000silver currency
1.5210,000silver currency
1.1530,000silver currency
0.71,000,000silver currency
1,810,000silver currency
Total6,570,000 silver currency
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