It gives you a movement speed boost and makes you immune to gas.

Basic information

AppearanceBase statsDescriptionPrice
QuantityCooldown (s)Speed Boost Duration (s)Hangover Duration (s)

Increases running speed and gives immunity to gas for a short time.

180,000silver currency

Upgrade information

UpgradesLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Total
295,000silver currency
3450,000silver currency
4990,000silver currency
1,535,000silver currency
Cooldown (s)
22.545,000silver currency
2085,000silver currency
17.5390,000silver currency
15950,000silver currency
12.51,900,000silver currency
3,370,000silver currency
Speed Boost Duration (s)
2.340,000silver currency
2.680,000silver currency
2.9360,000silver currency
3.2880,000silver currency
3.51,700,000silver currency
3,060,000silver currency
Hangover Duration (s)
4.530,000 silver currency
470,000 silver currency
3.5300,000 silver currency
3740,000 silver currency
2.51,500,000 silver currency
2,640,000 silver currency
Total10,605,000 silver currency
GRIMLOK - 2020