Frequently Asked Questions


Why is it taking so long to find a match?

The game tries to find real players first, and only then adds bots, only if there are free spots in the teams. Waiting time depends on the number of players online, and the more players out there searching for a match, the faster matchmaking will be.

Is there an Offline mode?

Yes, there is. It is called Offline Training. Go to the Menu - Offline. Here, swipe to the left or right to choose the map you want to play on and press "Play Offline".

How to add/delete friends?

Actually, there are two ways to add friends.


  • Go to the Menu - Friends
  • Tap on the "Enter the player's name field
  • Enter the exact nickname of the person you want to add and press ok

Once the person accepts your friend request, you'll see them on your Friend list.


  • When the match ends, go to the Scoreboard section
  • Press the button with a plus sign near the player you would like to add as a friend

To delete a friend, go to the Friend list, tap on the name of the person you want to delete and press the "minus" button

Reporting Players

If you notice someone violating the rules during the game, it is always a good idea to report them. You can do so by pressing the “!” in a red triangle near the player’s nickname when browsing the Scoreboard after the match. This will help bring the violation to our attention so we can take measures against that player’s actions.

There are three types of violations you can report:

  • Inactivity - if the player doesn’t move or you see that some third-party program is used to perform simple manipulations (eg. clickers) without any real impact to the match, you can report such player
  • Toxic Behavior - toxicity is hard to describe, but if you see that your teammates deliberately try to kill their own team or perform actions that harm the team’s results with clear intent, then it is toxic. Example 1: Player deliberately kills their teammates with a bag to get it themselves — Toxic. Example 2: Player gets behind the wheel and accidentally kills a teammate once — NOT Toxic
  • Abusive Nickname - if a nickname contains something of the following, report it to us: offensive or rude words, inciting words of a discriminatory character, swear words and phrases, expletives in any language, composed of letters of any alphabet and digits, proper names and other words and phrases used in religions or cults, which may cause insult of the feelings of believers, names of historical figures and politicians (in a mocking or insulting sense or very controversial figures), words and phrases that are directly or indirectly related to drugs, means of their preparation, use and acquisition, words and phrases which can mislead other users as to that the user, registered under such name, is a representative of Panzerdog, unpronounceable letter combinations (including invisible nicknames, hard to see nicknames, etc)

Gameplay basics

Game Modes

There are two game modes in Tacticool: Deathmatch and Control. Both of them are team-based and encourage you to play in a team.

In Deathmatch, the ultimate goal is to gain more points than the enemy team. Points are scored by either killing enemies or holding the money bag that appears on the map. To win, your team must reach 100 points first or have the most points when the 4 minutes timer runs out.

In Control, teams take attacking and defending roles, fighting to secure two control points located on the map. Defenders must protect the points until the end of the timer, while Attackers are trying to capture them. Once either of the points is captured, Attackers must hold it for 75 seconds and prevent Defenders from contesting it.

Understanding the Scoreboard

After every match, you are presented with a scoreboard that lets you see how well you and other players performed during the match. There are several indicators of a player’s performance:

  • S (“Score”) — The number of points they contributed to their team’s score (Deathmatch only)
  • K (“Kills”) — The number of kills performed during the match
  • D (“Deaths”) — The number of times they were killed by other players
  • A (“Assists”) — The number of times they assisted their teammates in killing enemies
Earning Game Statuses

To complete some Daily Missions, you will have to get a certain status in a match. The list below contains all statuses available in the game and details on how to get them.

  • NOTE: “The most” part refers to your personal kills or actions compared to the achievements of other players in a match
  • VALUABLE PLAYER — The summary of all other leader metrics. (The more statuses you get, the higher is the chance to get an MVP)
  • ACCIDENTS DEALER — Most kills done by the debris or rebounds/ricochets
  • BARE HANDS KILLER — Most melee kills
  • COME GET SOME! — Most kills done while the enemy is capturing the point (Control mode only)
  • CONQUEROR — Most points captured during the match (Control mode only)
  • DAMAGE DEALER — The most damage dealt to the enemy (this one is calculated in % of enemy operator's HP)
  • DECONTAMINATOR — Most zombies killed in the match
  • DIE-HARD — Most time spent on capturing the point (Control mode only)
  • EXPLOSIVES SPECIALIST — Most kills done by different explosives: mines, C4, RPG shots, etc
  • KILLER ON WHEELS — Most runover kills (kills done with a car)
  • MASTER ASSISTANT — Most assists performed
  • MOST GOALS ACHIEVED — Most patches received after a match
  • "SIМО HAYHA" — Most kills done from a long-range distance.
  • SURVIVALIST — The most damage taken (calculated in % of your operator's HP)
  • TOP CASH HOLDER — Most score points gained by holding the money bag
  • UNSTOPPABLE KILLER — Most total kills
  • VEHICLE DAMAGER — The most damage dealt to vehicles

NOTE: Even if you follow the conditions to get a certain status, there’s always a possibility to receive another one, as the threshold for every status is different, and other players may get the one you are aiming for.

Physics Kills

Physics kills are indirect kills. Whenever you kill someone with barrels, crates, debris or any other map objects, it counts as a physics kill.


You can invite other players to form a squad, communicate and play together. To do so, first, you should be friends with the person you want to invite OR this person should be from your clan. After that, do the following:

  • Go to the Menu - Friends
  • Select the Squads tab
  • Tap the button with a plus sign in any of the free slots
  • Select the friend you want to invite and confirm the action
  • Once done, your friend or clanmate will be notified and have the option to join your squad

Being in one squad allows you to queue together whenever the squad leader starts searching for a game. All squad members can also use the squad chat — to access it, select Squad Chat in the Friends menu.

NOTE: You can’t play the game if at least one of your squadmates is offline. You will have to leave the squad or kick the member who’s offline to continue playing.

Roulette Wheel

Every time you win a match, you get to spin the Roulette Wheel with a chance to win rewards. The wheel is split into three tiers: Common, Uncommon, and Rare, each representing the rarity of potential reward.

If the arrow hits the highlighted zone, you receive a container with the loot of the corresponding rarity, and the wheel spins again — this time, for a higher tier reward. It keeps spinning until you get through all three tiers or the arrow misses the highlighted zone. There are no rewards for when the arrow misses, but next time you use the Roulette, you will have an increased chance of getting a reward from that tier.

The first spin, if successful, costs one Roulette battery charge. Next spins for Uncommon or Rare loot are free of charge. Once out of charges, you will no longer be able to use the wheel until the battery is recharged. It can be done by either waiting or watching an ad.

If you have Club Pass, you will have more perks from the roulette: +50% to the reward at any rarity level (you get more pieces out of the kits), when you miss, you will get a higher % rate added to the roulette.

Equipment Stats

There are dozens of unique weapons in the game, and picking the right equipment for every situation might prove to be difficult. We recommend using Tacticool Wiki to make this process easier. It has all kinds of information you need, from the full list of Operators — to weapon damage comparison and detailed upgrade paths.


Creating and Joining Clans

Any player who has reached Level 6 can create their own Clan. To do so, go to Menu - Clans. When you start creating your Clan, you have to enter it's full name and pick a Clan Tag. NOTE: The max length of the full name of the clan is 22 symbols. Clan Tag has only 5 symbols max. Then you have to choose an avatar out of four available options, and one of two flags. The flag is a decorative element that will serve as a background in the main menu and on the kill screen during the match. NOTE: Choose an appropriate name of the clan and clan tag. If you use a name that contradicts our Terms of Use, your clan will be forcibly renamed or even deleted.

There are two types of clans:

  • Private Clan — players can join only when they receive an invitation from the Clan President or Vice President
  • Open Clan — players can join if they meet the requirement of this clan (a certain rating)

Once you finish creating your clan, you will become it's President.

Clan Roles

There are three roles in the clan:

Regular Clan Member can:

  • Use the Clan Chat
  • Send their Operators on Clan Missions
  • Recall Operators from the mission before the timer runs out
  • Get personal rewards for completing missions
  • Add clan members to Squads (even if they are not on the Friends list)
  • Send out clan invitations to other players (Open Clans only)
  • Invest in the Clan Expansion and buy Clan Doublers

Vice President (VP) can:

  • Do everything mentioned above
  • Send out invitations if the clan is Private
  • Delete Regular Members from the clan
  • Change clan introductory message and the minimum rating for potential clan candidates (if it is an Open Clan)

President can:

  • Do everything mentioned above
  • Delete Vice Presidents from the clan
  • Change all clan Settings
  • Assign the Vice President role to Regular Members and remove it

NOTE: When the President leaves the clan, the position is transferred to the VP automatically. If there is more than one VP, the President's position will be given to one of the VPs randomly. If there are no VPs, one of the Regular Members will inherit the role.

NOTE: Be careful! After the President has transferred their role, it can only be transferred back by the new President. These changes are irreversible, neither automatically nor by the developers.

Clan Missions

First of all, Clan Missions require some effort from all clan members, it is impossible to complete them alone. That’s what clans are meant for!

  • Progress Points — points needed to complete a Clan Mission
  • Clan Coins — coins that you get after completing Clan Missions. They are used to make purchases in the Clan Shop
  • Reputation — points that you get after completing Clan Missions. They affect the position of your clan in the Clan Leaderboards
  • Doublers — boosters that double your Clan Coins and Reputation income after a Clan Mission is completed
  • Each mission has a certain amount of Progress Points required for completion. Mission Cycle lasts 4 days. If clan members earn enough Points to successfully complete the Mission during the cycle, they will receive a clan reward and a personal reward

There are three ways you can earn Progress Points:

  • Send your Operators on a Mission - You can assign your Operators to a Mission. Once assigned, they will be generating Progress Points throughout the entire Mission Cycle — even if you are offline
  • Win Matches - You will earn Progress Points from the roulette after you win matches. Progress Points will be distributed evenly between all available Missions. Your Club Pass also gives an additional 50% bonus to the Progress Points you receive from the Roulette Wheel
  • Watch an Ad's - You can watch ads in the Shop section of the game and get Progress Points

A Doubler is a booster used to get more Reputation and Clan Coins.

How to use Doublers:

  • You purchase a Doubler

...That’s it! Your Doublers are automatically added to the clan after the purchase. Once you complete a Mission, your clan will get double rewards, but the respective amount of Doublers is deducted from your clan.

Example: Your clan has 300 Doublers. Together, you complete a Clan Mission with a reward of 150 Reputation and 150 Clan Coins. Your clan gets 300 of both, but 150 Doublers will be taken from your Clan Bank.

NOTE: Double rewards are given ONLY if the Mission is successfully completed. Failed Missions don’t provide any rewards.

Getting Benefits from Your Clan

Being in a clan is not only an ideological thing, but you can actually get something out of it. How can you make your participation in a clan more beneficial both for you and for the clan?

  • Completing Clan Missions - Clan Missions have different rewards depending on their difficulty. When you complete Clan Missions, you will get Silver, but harder missions may even bring Gold rewards. On the other hand, the clan itself gains more Reputation and advances on the Clan Leaderboard
  • Having Club Pass - If you have the Club Pass, you can get double rewards for completing Clan Missions! And your clan will get 50% more Progress Points when you win a match and spin the roulette. So, it is a win-win situation
  • Playing with your clanmates - When you are playing in a random pack, it's not fun sometimes. Play with your clanmates, and you will always have your back covered. Another sweet spot is the clan chat because we know you love talking

Custom matches

What are Custom Matches?

For those players who would like to keep their battles away from public eyes, Tacticool offers a way to host custom matches. These are private games where you can face specific opponents or even arrange clan skirmishes.

Custom matches take place outside the regular matchmaking system and don’t affect your rating. Play to your heart’s content without risking anything!

Check the codes!
Spectator Mode

Apart from directly participating in a custom match, players can join in as spectators. It allows them to watch the game from any player's perspective.

In-app purchases

How to turn off in-app purchases?

Tacticool is a Free to Play game, and in-app purchases are not necessary for playing or progressing in the game, but may enhance gaming experience. Turning off in-app purchases may prevent from making accidental purchases.

I accidentally made a purchase, I want a refund

According to our Terms of Use ( all in-game purchases are final. When you make a purchase, the confirmation window pops up to make sure, that the purchase is NOT accidental. If you press "Confirm", you acknowledge the fact of the trade.

iOS devices:

  • Follow these steps to request a refund on iOS devices

In rare cases, exceptions can be applied.

Android devices:

  • Try these steps to request a refund for Android
Tacticool Terms & Conditions
I made a purchase, but did not receive an item - Android

It may take time to receive your purchase. If you did not receive the item right after the purchase, restart the game. If this did not help, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Contact in-game support (Start the game - Menu - Feedback - Support)
  • Explain the situation, what did you purchase and when
  • IMPORTANT! Add a receipt from Google Play

When you make a purchase, the receipt is created automatically and sent to your Gmail, that is linked to your Google Play account.


I lost the progress of my account

  • Contact us via in-game support (Start the game - Menu - Feedback - Support)
  • Include the exact nickname of the lost account
  • If you can, add as many details as you remember (level, rating, weapons, the last time you played, some friends etc.)
  • Wait, we'll inform you, when we restore your account
I want to transfer my account from iOS to Android (or vice versa)

It is finally possible!

  • You have to contact in-game support
  • List your in-game name and as much details as possible
  • Create a new account on your new device
  • Change it's name into something more unique, so we could find that new account
  • Tell this nickname to our Support managers
  • Wait for the account transfer
I want to transfer my account to the new device - Android

Account transfers within 1 OS (operating system) is possible.

  • Go to Google Play, log in to your account here (the one you use on the old device)
  • Download the game on this new device
  • Start the game, the account shall be activated automatically
  • If this did not happen, go to Settings - Google play - tap the icon (if it has word Disconnected on it) - Choose the old Google Play account

For example, you have an old Android device, you got the new one with Android too - you can transfer the progress.

Restart the game, if necessary.

If this did not help, contact us via in-game Support system (Start the game - Menu - Feedback - Support).

I want to transfer my account to the new device - iOS

Account transfers within 1 OS (operating system) is possible.

  • Login to your iTunes account (AppStore ID) on your new device
  • Download the game
  • Start the game, the account shall be restored automatically

For example, you have an old iOS device, you got the new one with iOS too - you can transfer the progress.

If you still can't access your account, contact in-game Support system (Start the game - Menu - Feedback - Support).

Is selling, buying or sharing accounts allowed?

Simple answer - NO.

According to section 5.2 of our Terms of Use, selling, buying or sharing accounts is PROHIBITED.

We reserve the right to ban any account that has been transferred between players.

We do not guarantee, that the account you get through the means mentioned above, exists, and we do not guarantee account's security.

Tacticool Terms & Conditions
How to save an account? - Android

It's easy! Follow these steps BEFORE you start the game

  • Login to your Google Play Account, download the game
  • Start the game, your game account will automatically connect to your Google Play account
  • To make sure, that your game account is connected to your Google Play account, go to Menu - Settings - Google Play
  • If you see a message "Disconnected" tap on the "Connect" button and choose Google Play account you want to link to your in-game progress

NOTE: usually, the connection happens automatically, when you run the game for the first time. Make sure, that you use the right Google Play account to save your progress.

How to save an account? - iOS

It's easy! Follow these steps BEFORE you start the game:

  • Login to your AppleID account, download the game
  • Start the game, your game account will automatically connect to your AppleID
  • To make sure, that your game account is connected to your Google Play account, go to Menu - Settings - Game Center
  • If you see a message "Disconnected" tap on the "Connect" button

Panzerdog ID

What is a Panzerdog ID?

Panzerdog ID is an easy way to keep your Tacticool data safe and transfer it between your devices. If you ever lose access to your account and/or device, you can easily recover your progress without contacting our in-game support. All you need is your game account and a valid email address.

Thanks to Panzerdog ID, you can also transfer your account from Android to iOS and vice versa.

Creating and Using Panzerdog ID

To register a new Panzerdog ID account you will need your game account and a valid email address. This is how it works:

  • Launch Tacticool, go to the Account section of the Settings menu
  • Tap Panzerdog ID
  • Press REGISTER to create new Panzerdog ID account
  • Once you see the “LET’S BEGIN” window, tap “CONTINUE”
  • Type in a valid email address to link with your in-game account. A verification code will be sent to this address. Press “REGISTER”
  • Enter the verification code that you got from the email during the previous step
  • Press “SEND CODE”
  • No errors? Good! Then it’s done — now you can use your account on any device!

Logging in to an existing Panzerdog ID is even easier:

  • Launch Tacticool, go to the Account section of the Settings menu
  • Tap Panzerdog ID
  • Press LOG IN
  • Type in the email address you used to register your Panzerdog ID and enter the verification code
  • Done!
I lost access to the email I used to register my Panzerdog ID

If you still have access to your previous device, then you can register your existing in-game account anew by linking it to the new email address.

If you don’t have access to your account, then contact the in-game support (Menu - Feedback - Support).

Using Game Center and Google Play with Panzerdog ID

You can only use one backup method at the same time. If you choose not to use Panzerdog ID, the options to sync your data with Game Center or Google Play will still be available to you.

Club pass

What is a Club Pass?

To put it simply, Club Pass is a monthly in-game Subscription for players.

It provides the player with:

  • 10,000 extra Silver coins to the daily supply
  • Increased % chances on the roulette after the match
  • Access to the weekly Club Quests with valuable rewards (Gold or Silver coins)

IMPORTANT: Club Pass is an auto-renewable monthly subscription. Your account will be charged every month unless you cancel the subscription.

How to cancel Club Pass? - Android

Club Subscription is an auto-renewing monthly subscription. You can cancel it at any time, and current subscription will be active till the end of the paid month.

To cancel Club Pass, do the following:

  • Go to Google Play - Subscriptions
  • Find Tacticool Club Pass Subscription and cancel it
  • Choose the country flag you want to equip

NOTE: the cost of Club pass is withdrawn automatically the DAY PRIOR to the end of the subscription month from your account.

Your Club Pass will be active till the end of the paid period and not auto-renewed next month.

You can activate Club Pass again any time.

Personal profile

How to change a nickname?

  • Tap on your nickname at the top of the screen. You'll get to your personal profile
  • Type in the nickname you want to have in the game (Max length is 13 characters)
  • Press "OK" button

NOTE: The first name change is free. Second and the following name changes would cost 100 Gold. Choose your nickname wisely.

IMPORTANT: make sure, that you read and understand name policies in our Terms of Use, and your nickname does not violate any of them.

How to change an avatar?

  • Tap on your nickname at the top of the screen. You'll get to your personal profile
  • Tap on the Avatars section
  • Choose an available avatar you want to equip

You can unlock new avatars by collecting their pieces. Once you have all of the pieces of one of the avatars, you'll be able to equip it.

How to change my Country flag?

  • Tap on your nickname at the top of the screen. You'll get to your personal profile
  • Tap on the Country section
  • Choose the country flag you want to equip

NOTE: Local Ratings Scoreboard depends on the country you choose.

What are Domination, Game Progress and Goals?

Domination is your Kill/Death ratio. (tap on it to see the details).

Game progress shows your win rate. (Matches won/Overall number of matches played).

Goals - game achievements to make matches more fun.

Technical issues

Minimum Device Requirements

Are you having hard times running Tacticool smoothly enough?

Please note that the game runs best on devices that meet the following (minimum) specifications:

  • 2 GB of RAM or more
  • Android 5.0 or higher
  • iOS 10.0 or higher
  • iOS 10.0 or higher

Be aware that meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee the game will run without any issues.

Also, check the following tips to improve your game performance:

  • Increase storage memory by uninstalling apps or deleting videos/pictures you no longer need
  • Close all applications running in the background to free up device memory
  • Turn off Power Saving Mode
  • Check if the Game version is updated
  • Check if the Operating System is updated
No Update Available

Sometimes your device might fail to see that there is an update available for the game. This is often caused by Google Play’s cache problems. Luckily, there is an easy way to clear the cache and fix any related issues. Just go to the Applications settings in your device and find Google Play there. Select it, then tap Clear Cache.

Done! Now the update should pop up in the Updates section of your Google Play account and start downloading.

Error Updating the Game

If you encounter any issues updating the game, try the following:

  • Restart your device
  • Increase storage memory by uninstalling apps or deleting videos/pictures you no longer need
  • Clear your Google Play cache. To do so, go to the Application settings in your device and find Google Play there. Select it, then tap Clear Cache
  • Delete the game and download it again from the store
  • Try a different connection type (Wi-Fi, mobile data)
No Update Available

It is important that your internet is stable. For a smooth experience, make sure you are connected to a reliable network and your device’s signal is strong.

Full Wi-Fi bars or mobile (cellular) data coverage alone is not always enough to guarantee a solid connection, as local networks can slow down and get overburdened at times. This is especially true if you play in a moving vehicle or on underground public transport. Also, your Wi-Fi network might be overloaded by other users watching videos or playing games on other devices. We recommend playing with a solid 3G/4G connection with a reliable carrier or over Wi-Fi with a dependable Internet service provider.

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