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Tier lists



Dutch is by far the best operator in Tacticool due to his awesome passive values and decent hp pool. Dutch works exceptionally well with literally every weapon type in the game. In todays meta submachine gun and sniper are the two most often seen combos.

tieroperatorChen Li




Diana is clearly the best support operator in the game. On control maps she's essential due to her awesome drones with frag granades and mines. On capture the bag, she can be very useful when her team wants to recover the bag from enemy. It doesn't really matter what gun she's using. Drones make her irreplaceable.


Snek falls behind into A tier due having a less universal role than Dutch. His passive (increased movement speed) and special (airstrike) make him the best bag-grabber in the game. He works really well with shotgun, but he's also a viable option in combination with sniper, especially in open maps like Village, Old Depot or Area 39.


Joe is the absolute king of rare operators. His passive makes him a very dangerous opponent in one on one situations. Very good with shotgun, assault rifle and machine gun.


In my opinion Charon is very situational, but when used by a good player, can wreck the enemy team from behind due to his cloak ability. Good with shotgun, machine gun or sniper rifle. Like Diana on capture the bag maps, he can be very useful in helping her team recover the bag from the enemy team.


Syndrome took big hit after latest balance update. He regenerates hp bit slower than the rest, but still, he's ok with submachine gun or shotgun.


Valera is Dutch’s little brother, his very good passive makes him a viable option.


Due to his large hp pool (the highest of all epic operators), I used to play him with shotgun, but now I feel like his passives give much less than other operators’ do.











Currently the best weapon in the game. Hands down. No real competition right now. It has good mobility, fire rate, accuracy. Everything you wish for a middle-range weapon.


Very strong gun, if not removed fast in a fight, it can kill an entire team from decent range pretty fast. As a support, in combination with PTU80 it wrecks havoc.

tierweaponGUNTHER 2000

Right now very strong due to a recent buff. It's crucial on open maps like Village and Old Depot to have at least one Gunther2000 on your team.


Used to be my favourite weapon in Tacticool. My first unlocked and fully maxed MK6. It’s now in D Tier due to the last update. Terrible at almost every aspect, especially in accuracy.


Finally a new main weapon class. One shot = one kill, but there are a few drawbacks - you have to aim manually to shot and a red line is visible while aiming, which can reveal your position. It has very long range and only one bullet per magazine. Bullet can go through multiple enemies. In addition, you can shoot through smoke and attach mods. Requires a lot of practice to master.


Still a very good weapon. Even after the nerf, still a viable option for close-range maps and bag-grabbing.


tierspecialLaymore Mine

Laymore mines are mainly used as anti-personnel counter measures and are perfect with snipers. It should be noted that this is also good at stopping vehicles from entering a certain area. Like mines, crucial when defending the bag/point.

tierspecialFrag Drone


tierspecialMine Drone


tierspecial"Stronghold" Shield


tierspecialTactical Shield



Commonly used special. Very versatile, which makes it perfectly for any situation. An absolute must have.


Commonly used for destroying enemy vehicles, the RPG is also a great tool for targeting players or detonating mines and laymores. Huge damage radius makes it a big threat.



tierspecialLandau Emitter

This crazy scientific creation can be very devastating when used properly and it’s mostly used by bag grabbers as their main tool for clearing a path.







tierspecialSmoke Grenade

Same as gas grenade, smoke is very easy to counter, only for low level/gear levels.



tierspecialMissile Defence

Newest special on the list and already in second place! That's no surprise. It's snipers and organized teams dream come true. Literally. This thing destroys enemy drones and all kind of rockets that come into activation radius. Extremely useful!

tierspecialImpact Grenade

A very universal special weapon that can be used both in attack and in defense.

tierspecialFrag Grenade

The Frag grenade, also known as the fragmentation grenade is good for detonating enemy mines, laymores and keeping points clear on control maps. Not so useful in capture the bag mode. It is very easy to kill allies.


The taser is currently problematic due to Chen Li, who has turned many old and proven tactics upside down. Less use of adrenaline and the deflection of the taser by Chen Li made him not as good as he used to be.

tierspecialLandau Cannon

This super weapon only applies when there are no allies in front of you. The effect of the action is much more difficult to predict than in the landau emitter.

tierspecialGas Drone

Due to the lower use of adrenaline, the gas drone can help close certain places or push the enemy to the corner of the base. Besides, it is very easy to counter this special weapon - an explosions or a landau emitter can do the trick.

tierspecialGas Grenade

See gas drone description.


Currently, the worst special weapon in the game due to the high risk of killing allies. Very situational use - for example a ramp on the map of area 39 against snipers.

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